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Commodity exchanges are public institutions that have legal personality and have been established to be engaged in the processes of stock markets that are related to purchasing and selling of products and valuation, registration and announcement of their stock market prices within the framework of the principles written the law 5174.
Due to the fact that commodity exchangesare organized markets which are engaged in the processes related to purchasing and selling of products which have sufficient capasity for their production, consumption and marketing in the region where they locate and evaluating and announcing of their stock market prices within the order of free competition, the existence of commodity exchange, in a sense, is attached to the products. With this feature, commodity exchanges are important elements of free market economy system.
✔  It it to organise and register of purchasing and  sale of the products which are included in stock market.
✔  It is to assess and announce the prices of products which are included in stock market in accordance to the prices that are formed  in stock market for every day.
✔  It is to make general regulations which will be antered into force with the approval of the Union and which shows the obligations in respect of payment and delivery for the consumer and seller, the terms of the liquidation fort he proceedings, the terms which are affective on the prices and the procedures of voluntary arbitration when there occurs disagreement.
✔  It is to make connection fort he prices by following domestic and foreign stock exchanges and to show the way to the members about the electronic commerce and internet networks.
✔  It is to edit and approve the documents which are included in the article 51.
It is to establish technical offices and laboratories or take part in the ones that have been already established in order to identify the types and qualifications of the products which are included in stock market.
It is to identify the traditions, customs and precedents which are related to the stock market in their region, propound them for  the approval of the ministry and announce them.
✔  It is to consult on official channels for the offers, wishes and appeals about the matters which are related to stock market activities and to sue in his own name or in the name of other memebers if there is an interest for all or some of them.
✔  It is to follow the agreements, and  decisions which may have distruptive effects on competititon and concerted actions which are in the nature of applications and to report them to the relevant authorities. 
✔  In case of the depository of the duties  which are given to ministries or other public institutions within the legislation to stock market, carrying out them within the frame of organizational goals and mission which are specified in law.
✔  It is to certify the necessary documents which the members may need and do services which are required.
✔  It is to evaluate the applications for the domestic fairs and make proposals to the union.
✔  It is to fulfil the duties which are given within miscellaneus regulation and by the ministry and the union within the framework of the relevant laws.
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