Vision,Mision and Values

It is to be a foundation which aims to be  contemporary, well-known, esteemed and examplary among the exchanges by providing to increase the volume of trade in the field of agriculture and livestock sector in Nigde.
It is to add value both to the region it locates in Nigde  and their memebers by improving the processes completely and continuously which are foreseen by the law on the stock market.
✔  Contemporary and modern
✔  Fast and objective
✔  Fair and fit for the purpose
✔  Transparent and participatory
NİĞDE Commodity Exchange
Bankalar Caddesi TSO İşhanı NO.:17/3 NİĞDE
Telephone : 388 232-73-36
Fax : 388 212-17-60
E-Mail :
Niğde Commodity Exchange
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